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Author, Phil Olson, has 8 published plays including the original "Don't Hug Me," the Christmas sequel, "A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol," and the summer sequel, "A Don't Hug Me County Fair." For more information regarding Phil's other plays, visit the websites below.



www.DontHugMe.com                     Website for original musical, Don't Hug Me


www.ADontHugMeChristmasCarol.com    Website for the Christmas sequel,

                                            A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol


www.ANiceFamilyGathering.com          Website for the play, A Nice Family Gathering


www.KOLDRadio.com                      Website for the play, KOLD Radio,Whitefish Bay

                                            (a.k.a. Crappie Talk)


www.philolson.net                         Website for author, Phil Olson. For info on author's

                                            other plays, screenplays, his bio, and other work.               


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